While it is common knowledge that it is important to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, we often tend to forget that our eyes need the same level of protection or more, especially in the case of children. Exposure of the eyes to the sun across their lifetime can be related to macular degeneration and UV rays can cause cataracts, cornea damage and many other harmful effects for your eyes, and those of your littlest family members

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We understand that comfort, durability and style are very important when it comes to purchasing kids sunglasses online and our curated selection offers all that and more. Choose from a number of unique frame sizes, colours, styles and designs that are fun, hip, sporty and suitable for both boys and girls!

If you’re looking for kids prescription sunglasses, you’d be happy to know that you can opt to convert any one of our existing designs to kids prescription sunglasses by simply uploading your prescription when placing your order. We’ll then personalise your chosen pair of kids sunglasses to include the prescribed lens and have them delivered to your doorstep faster than you would believe!

Get started with browsing through our eclectic collection of kids sunglasses and place your order now to protect your children’s eyes sooner than later. Do drop us a message if you require assistance or have any questions at any stage!

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